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Front-End Developer


Chaptr is looking for a middleweight Front-End Developer (with 3+ years experience) to join its creative team in Southampton full-time. If you have an agency background, even better. 

Our clients come from all across the industry spectrum and include large corporations in America and the local artisan coffee shop; they’re as diverse as you can get – just like our portfolio


We want someone unique, someone who:

  • Is excited about turning outstanding designs into award-winning websites
  • Is inspired by working with global brands and ambitious startups
  • Is willing to embrace and learn new technologies
  • Is a critical thinker, willing to challenge ideas to provide better solutions
  • Is able to work independently and is a first-class team player, to meet challenging deadlines with a smile (and roll with the punches when things change)
  • Is proactive, has an analytical brain and thrives on technical challenges
  • Is conscientious, highly organised, ready to obsess over detail to produce high-quality products
  • Is open to communication with clients, greeting feedback with enthusiasm
  • Values a relaxed, friendly and supportive working culture with zero politics
  • Is driven to progress and create standards that help take Chaptr to the next level
  • Has a love of graphic design, art, and wider culture

Required Skills

  • Core technologies: HTML5, SASS/CSS, JavaScript (ES6), jQuery, PHP, MySQL
  • Strong grasp of new CSS layout modules including flex and grid
  • Understanding of PHP templating language blade
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them
  • Experience creating bespoke WordPress themes and using custom fields to design editing workflows
  • Experience using module bundlers and CLI build systems such as Webpack/Laravel Mix/Gulp
  • Experience using MVM front end frameworks such as Vue.js
  • Understanding of the latest and legacy browser capabilities including mobile
  • Proficient with UX, SEO and Security web design best practices

Desirable Skills

  • Familiar with new breed CMSs including Craft/Shopify and the decoupled/headless approach
  • Familiar with the use of design tools such as Figma or Sketch and the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience with utility-based CSS frameworks such as Tailwind
  • The deployment and management of Ubuntu Apache web servers using Vesta and other internal systems and the configuration of DNS records, SSL certificates, and other relevant web-based system administration tasks
  • Managing WordPress updates for client websites including general maintenance

If you're still reading, nodding and thinking “yep, that's me” then we want to hear from you. Please send your CV and a covering letter to [email protected], telling us:

  • Why you want to work for Chaptr
  • 5 interesting things about yourself
  • The song you’d choose if you could only listen to one song ever again (just a bit of fun!)
  • Where we can find your portfolio


Please, no recruitment agencies.