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Premium Hosting

£550.00 p/a

A beautiful website is just the start. We know that quality hosting is as important as the website because, combined, they form the complete website experience for your audience; our Premium Hosting will ensure it’s an exceptional one.

What's included?

  • SSL

    Every website should have an SSL certificate. It’s as simple as that. Here’s why:

    Better Security

    Security is the primary advantage of SSL It will establish a secure connection on your website and encrypt sensitive information sent across the internet, protecting it from hackers and identity thieves.

    Google Love

    SSL provides Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits which means search engines like Google will love your website more.

    Visitor Trust

    Major web browsers will shame websites which don’t provide their users with a secure connection via HTTPS with SSL. It acts as a seal of trust and, naturally, a visitor who trusts your website and feels safe is more likely to do business with you.

  • Daily Backups

    Your website will be backed up daily to Google Bucket (in the Cloud) with a 3 day retention for your peace of mind. So if something goes wrong, your website files will be protected and we can easily and quickly restore a previous version of your site.

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring

    Your site will be hosted on a server with 24/7 monitoring with alerts running for urgent response to identity and fix any problematic issues – so we’ll know about any urgent server problems before you do!

  • Personal Support

    If you discover an issue and want to talk about it, you won’t be given a number and asked to wait in a queue for hours. You’ll speak directly with a member of our caring team who’ll get to know you on a first name basis.

  • Technical Details

    Our servers are compliant with the highest security standards and come with the following technical specification and benefits:

    • Operating System: Linux – the stable and secure operating system of choice for web servers.
    • RAM: 32 GB (DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz) to make your site blazing fast and keep your visitors happy.
    • Disk: 2×2 TB Raid Soft/Jbod – space for lots of images, videos and blog posts on your site.
    • CPU: Intel Xeon E3 4c/8t (3.4 / 3.8 GHz) so lots of visitors can visit your site at once without affecting the performance.
    • Outgoing email served via SendGrid so emails sent from your site are delivered without delay.
  • Annual WordPress Update

    We will keep your site up-to-date with the latest WordPress release on an annual basis. Your site will benefit from key bug fixes, new features and improved performance and security, consistent with industry standards.

Premium Web Hosting & Maintenance

£1,800 p/a

It’s important to keep your website secure and finely tuned so, in addition to our Premium Hosting, you’ll also benefit from the following essential services:

Extra Security

We’ll be like bodyguards for your whole website which will be actively monitored and scanned daily for any malicious files and potential threats will be removed if found. Plus this includes up to 2 hours of investigative work and recovery to get your website up and running in the event of a critical attack or hack.

Extra Servicing

Much like a car, overtime your website will need servicing too. We’ll include a quarterly WordPress service and an annual WordPress update to keep your website running smoothly with the latest software and we’ll implement the latest security measures to help keep out cyber-criminals.