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Immersive ecommerce for a new outerwear brand.

Launch Site

49 Winters is a London based outerwear design house that combines science and style to produce cutting edge coats and jackets. We translated their visual identity into a stunning online presence with an elegant design, informed by the brand's style and technology. The website makes use of rich media to achieve an interactive and immersive experience and intelligently showcase the products and compel customers to shop.

Launch Site

Rich and Immersive eCommerce

We helped new outerwear brand 49Winters hit the online world with style, elegance and cutting edge technology.

We needed a new website to reflect the innovative and quality nature of our garments. Chaptr produced a cutting-edge design and developed a website with slick and captivating web animations to provide our audience with a unique and immersive experience. All delivered to tight deadlines in time for our launch!

49 Winters
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