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A digital world for the photos of Hollie Fernando

Launch Site

We worked with award winning and much celebrated music/portrait photographer Hollie Fernando on a new portfolio site. The homepage was designed to be a mosaic celebration of Hollie's latest and greatest work. We designed an irregular grid for the placement of photos in all shapes and sizes and built a backend that allowed Hollie to place and position projects wherever she chose. The site also features full case study layouts and a bespoke ecommerce facility for the selling of limited edition prints.

Launch Site

Organised Chaos

The brief was simple – to create a home for Hollie’s work that was ever-evolving and truly unique. We experimented with various formulaic grid patterns but settled on a masonry style collage layout to ensure images weren’t being forced into pre-arranged spaces and that projects could be arranged easily in harmony with the makeup of the living, breathing portfolio at any given time.

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