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4 Ways Buffer Will Stop You Wasting Time

You know the feeling.
You’ve spent hours trawling through blogs to find excellent content.
Or spent a great deal of time producing your own work; lots of juicy content that you just can’t wait to pour across the digital landscape.
But optimising your content sharing for success is not always easy. 
And often takes up lots of your precious time…
Until, out of nowhere, Buffer wanders into your life! (sigh of relief).
Buffer is an app for social media sites (though I like to think of it as a personal assistant rather than an app). In its most basic definition, you add the content you want to share, set a time for that content to be shared and Buffer does the rest for you.
Here are 4 ways Buffer can optimise your social media presence and save you hours of time.

1. Manage Multiple Accounts

We know the pain of trying to juggle multiple social accounts and profiles, answer the phone, reply to emails, design websites…all at once. Not much fun.
Signing in and out of various accounts, guessing passwords and writing new tweets without much thought often saps the life out of the creative mind. It’s just tiresome and annoying.
This is where Buffer makes you feel all tingly inside. It allows you to post content to any of your social media accounts at once. Eliminating the process of repeating the same steps a gazillion times (you know the feeling).
Buffer offers a free account which allows users to link one of their accounts from all of the following:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Profiles
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Profiles
  • Google+ Pages

Alternatively, upgrading to the ‘Awesome’ plan for £10 a month allows you to add up to 10 profiles for any of these sites.
It really is ‘Awesome’.

2. Analyse Posts & Identify Successful Trends

We all want to maximise the success of the content we distribute.
Sure retweets and favourites are great but simply getting people to view your content can be an achievement too (when they’re actually looking at their feed).
Wouldn’t it be great to know what type of content is most popular, who is reading your content and what time of day most people are engaging with your content.
Buffer has all the answers. Its analytic system will let you know all of the above. *Tah-Dah*. 
Having this information at your disposal allows you to tailor your content to suit your audience and give the most wanted stuff to the people who want it the most.
This brings us on to the next point.

3. Schedule Tweets & Retweets

They say knowledge is power.
So once you know, take the info you have gathered from Buffer’s analytic system and go all-out to target your audience.
Hit them left, right and centre with precision-accurate missiles of outstanding content.
Set Buffer to share your content at times you receive the most interaction. Or if your content is favoured by those across the whole planet, why not set Buffer to Tweet whilst you sleep? (Buffer never sleeps).
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 13.32.44
The Buffer queue allows you to literally queue your tweets and posts and assign each a time slot to be shared, whilst you get on with other important stuff.
You can even schedule Retweets!

4. Integrate With Other Apps

Buffer goes hand in hand with plenty of other apps to optimise your social media productivity. Here are just a few examples:

  • Feedly – Lets you organise all the blogs and feeds you love into one accessible place and better still, goes with Buffer like bread and butter (queue the applause). Simply highlight text/url/images and add them straight to your Buffer queue without ever leaving the Feedly app.
  • Pocket – Similar to Feedly, Pocket allows you save content to read later or simply add to Buffer as you read. Nice touch.
  • FollowerWonk – Is an in-depth analytical tool for Twitter that simply aids Buffer to help you identify the success of your tweets and achieve optimum social media productivity.

Buffer has its own app on various operating systems so you can Buffer anywhere!
So there you have it, get Buffer in your life and enjoy.