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BrightByte Studio Wins Awwwards' SOTD

In 2011, we started building websites from our bedrooms.
Just a young group of skilful dreamers trying to break away from the 9 – 5.
We’ve worked pretty hard for the last few years, taking risks and learning a lot from our mistakes (we’re still learning).
Towards the end of 2014 our Creative Director, Matt, put his foot down and said “Lads, it’s time for a rebrand”.
Now a company rebrand is always a bit of a contentious subject, it takes a lot of time and, as lean company, ‘a lot of time’ is a rare commodity for us (like, it never happens). There is also the famous “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” saying that resonates loudly for a small agency with employees to pay.
But Matt was adamant that without a rebrand we would fail to attract the clients we wanted to work with and that as a design agency with high aspirations if you’re not relevant you might just as well start selling package websites. Or, indeed, pack up and go home.
Matt spoke and we (Pete and I) listened. We discussed it for a while, took a deep breath and decided to go for it.
We found time.
We started work early and we finished late.
The whole team chipped in, crafting the design, taking the photography, writing the copy and testing the technology late into the night.

Last week we launched and, proud of the result, we submitted the site to Awwwards to see how we would stack up against the best designers and developers in the world.
What happened next was beyond any of our dreams. The new BrightByte Studio website won the Awwwards Site Of The Day (SOTD) and we couldn’t be more honoured to receive such a prestigious accreditation.
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This really is the perfect to start to 2015 and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring for us.