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Chaptr x South London Theatre

The week of March 16th 2020 sent shockwaves through the lives of many, but those who work in theatre, close to the epicentre, felt the full force when the prime minister advised the public against visiting theatres; the sector was suddenly in the danger zone. 

Chaptr works with brands engaged in culture and the creative arts to help them create impactful websites that inspire people, increasing engagement and driving action. So the opportunity to collaborate with South London Theatre and breathe new life into their website was one we grasped with both hands; we plan to create a digital showstopper (forgive the pun).  

Founded in 1967, South London Theatre is an outward-facing community organisation, producing a diverse creative output, from Shakespeare and historical plays to modern comedies and new writing via its adult and youth memberships, as well as being a community hub hosting social events, create interest groups and learning and development opportunities.

Today, it has ambitions to serve a broad and diverse audience, encouraging them to enjoy, participate in, celebrate and benefit from the Arts. 

Róisín Deady, marketing and publicity director for South London Theatre told us that:

 “The decision to work with Chaptr was quite simple – they understood Arts and Culture and demonstrated a real passion for it. We knew we were in safe hands developing our brand and platform with such an experienced and organised agency. We were fortunate to already have such a solid foundation to begin with and a brand presence that had grown successfully over recent years, which put us in a great position to expand on this further with Chaptr. The process so far has been wonderfully collaborative and we can’t wait to see the overall results.”

This collaboration will provide South London Theatre with a digital platform for brand expansion. The new website will support their audience development strategy, create a broader appeal and be more accessible to encourage people in society who love and enjoy the theatre, to get involved. 

“On a personal level, I’m saddened by the devastating effect the pandemic has had on theatres across the UK and I recognise how hard they’ve had to fight for a voice at the table to get the crucial support needed to support the sector and the talented people who embody it. Professionally speaking, to be able to play a small part in the cultural recovery by creating an impactful website, a digital lifeline, is what Chaptr is all about. The show must go on!” Joe Perkins – MD at Chaptr. 

Watch this space to see the result of the project in a few months.