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Chaptr & Exeter Canal and Quay Trust – New Partnership

Exeter Canal and Quay Trust (ECQT) have done a lot of giving since its inception over 40 years ago, providing grants to support local organisations and enable arts events to take place on the Quay.

So we’re delighted to announce that Chaptr will be helping ECQT take the next step in its voyage and to achieve its vision:

“To celebrate Exeter’s maritime heritage by promoting the Quay area as an attractive, dynamic and refreshing space in which an assortment of activities, events and experiences bring together residents and visitors of all backgrounds.”

We’re excited to bridge such a beautiful, culturally rich, place with a new and engaging digital experience to extend the impact that this great trust can have by connecting with and inspiring more people.

I asked Senior Designer at Chaptr, Connor Ghosh what excites him about this project:

“Visiting the canal & quay in Exeter, I was blown away by how stunning the area is and the potential for it to become a real community hub for the city. I’m excited to help shape a new visual identity and website for ECQT that will reflect the area’s aesthetic beauty in a digital space. I believe creating a new website that highlights the canal’s attractions and showcases the variety of events that go on around the local area, will help to encourage people to visit the canal & Quay.

From the off, I could see the passion and enthusiasm for the area and the project shared amongst the ECQT team, making this a challenging, but highly rewarding project to be a part of. From a design perspective, I’m excited to explore the abundance of creative opportunities this project poses whilst ensuring that the more logistical elements of the website are functional and user-friendly.”

Photo credit: Raoul du Plessis on Unsplash.