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Chaptr is back in the building.

Having thrived during the past few months working remotely, we’re now back in the studio; collaborating on designs, brainstorming digital marketing strategies – all the typical wholesome fuzziness you’ve come to expect from Chaptr. With the addition of some beautiful new plants and classy new office signage, we’re feeling revitalised and ready to go!

Safety First

We’re taking the necessary precautions to keep our team safe, including hand sanitiser everywhere and staggering the number of staff in the office to ensure we can keep a 2-meter distance between desks. However, we won’t be holding in-person client meetings until things are a bit closer to ‘normal’. Don’t worry though, you can still pick up the phone and talk to us (video calls work too, whatever floats your boat) , we’d love to hear about your plans for the coming months.

New Talent

We’re pleased to introduce some new faces; Matt Gilson (building beautiful websites) and Jasmine Harwood (designing beautiful websites) have both made incredible starts for Chaptr during the lockdown, but it’s great to have them with us in the studio – those ‘getting to know you’ Zoom calls just don’t do them justice!

Improved Skills

We’ve strengthened our digital marketing skills, specialising further in SEO, Social Media Management, and Copywriting so you can get even more value from us. We can’t stress how important these skills have been during Chaptr’s journey through the lockdown. They, alongside the support of our resilient clients, have helped us to avoid furloughing any of our fantastic team – something we’re proud of.

We’re Sticking Around

We feel confident and comfortable working remotely, so in the event of a second wave, we’ll continue to provide the quality and service our clients are used to. Long story short; we’re resilient and not going anywhere.

Thank You

To all of the clients who have stuck out the storm with us, we’d just like to say thank you. Without mixing our words, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the toughest challenge in our history, but it’s reaffirmed how much each and every one of our relationships matter to us. We wouldn’t be here without you. We would like to offer our sincere condolences to any of our clients or colleagues who have suffered from the virus personally. Unlike a lot of the disingenuous and threadbare content we’ve all seen in the past few months, we really do mean it when we say; “we’re here for you”.

Looking To Bounce Back?

Need a bit of a boost with SEO to promote your website but don’t want to risk hiring a full-time exec? We’ve got all the skills you need to generate more business through your website, and we’re currently offering flexible payment terms to support you with your post-COVID bounce-back plans

Businesses are contacting us in droves to help them recover, so get in quick – Let’s talk!