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Coffee, Cake and Culture #1 – Chichester Cathedral

Chichester has fond memories for me

I’ve never lived there, but I’ve used it as a hub for business meetings over the years, a place to meet family and friends and I’ve enjoyed walks along the canal in the summer. I even took the riverboat ride one year!

It’s quirky, with cobbled streets, old buildings and a healthy selection of coffee shops and bakeries. Imagine a smaller Winchester with just as much charm (and there are even sections of the city walls still visible!). That’s Chichester. 

Chichester, or ‘Noviomagus Reginorum’ as the Romans liked to call it, is steeped in history and culture. This brings me nicely on to our visit today, its 12th-century cathedral. 

The Cathedral Tour

The first thing you notice when you approach Chichester Cathedral is just how beautiful it is. It kind of creeps up on you and then it’s just there, vast, magnificently imposing, a real spectacle. 

On entry, we were welcomed by two delightful people who talked briefly about the cathedral and invited us to enjoy the tour. As we walked around, marvelling at the design, we were serenaded by the soulful and deep tones of the organ, containing some of the oldest pipework in England and narrowly escaped destruction when the spire collapsed in 1861.

There are 19 points of interest highlighted in the cathedral brochure. The things that stood out for me were the Roman Mosaic, uncovered in 1968, situated about a meter below the floor we were walking on, and the intriguingly psychedelic looking Chagall Window which is an artistic impression of Psalm 150. 

I was also delighted by the small workshop within the cathedral, the little window allowed me to be nosy and see the skilled team. They were masters of their art, responsible for keeping the exhibits in pristine condition and keeping the story of the cathedral’s history alive. 

The whole experience was one of calm and quiet reflection. We discussed some of our clients within arts and culture who have been hit so hard these past few years as a result of the pandemic and I pledged to make a donation to support such a fine specimen of ancient architecture. We also mused at the idea of partnering with a cathedral or museum this year to reimagine their website and digital presence.

Coffee and Cake

After a visit around the quiet and compelling cathedral gardens, we found our way to The Buttery, to enjoy the essential ‘coffee and cake’ part of our outing. It didn’t disappoint, another 12th-century building impeccably maintained. We discussed life, business, our plans for 2022 and how much we desperately need to show some love to our Chaptr website. Which reminds me, time to make this happen. 

Thanks for reading. 


Hero Image Photo by Dan Edwards