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How To Win With Social Media

Rumour has it that social media is an important aspect of SEO these days,

if you want to succeed you really need to nail it,

and you need to love it.

We’d like to think we’ve gotten pretty good at it – it’s part of our routine (like waking up and having a coffee). By keeping these steps in mind we think that you’ll succeed with social media too.


There’s a fine line between bombarding your readers with post after post and neglecting your presence. It’s important to monitor how frequently you’re posting – people don’t want to see you constantly talking about yourself so try and take a backseat and analyse the right amount of posts to suit you and your company. We go for about 3 a week, this way we remain in our readers minds without annoying them with too much content.

Listen to your voice

Create a voice for your social media and stick with it, seem friendly and approachable and let people have a sneak peak into the life that your company leads. Be self-reflective and listen to how your readers will perceive you.

Love your content

Show your readers your passion for your particular subject area, be enthusiastic and engaging. If your readers can see your passion then they are much more likely to share it. Try to avoid writing and sharing things just for the sake of it; if you generally have no interest in it – your readers will see right through you.

Use high quality images

If you’re blogging with images – make sure they are of a good quality. The quality of what you post will say a lot about the work that you can produce. We take time when we pick our photos and won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Don’t be egocentric

As much as your social media needs to focus on you, you can also endorse others by sharing work that you like – just make sure you credit them. We do this with our monthly web design showcase, picking our favourite new websites each month and posting links to them for others to see and appreciate. This also gives us an excuse to surf the latest sites to freshen up our minds.

Share your knowledge

Share with your readers what you have learnt as a company, your success’s and your failures. If you discover something new and helpful then let others know about it – this will make people want to read more and look out for your latest posts.