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It’s… ALIVE! | The Southampton City of Culture 2025 bid

Pulsing with vibrance and life. Flowing with history and culture. Alight with passion and energy. This is our Southampton. And it’s perfectly captured in their brand new, beautiful website.

We’re so proud to announce the launch of the website for the Southampton City of Culture 2025 bid.

Recently, Chaptr founder Joe Perkins was interviewed by the Southampton Daily Echo to get his take on what makes this city so iconic, and why Chaptr is the perfect partner to bring this vision to life on the web.

Says Joe:

Southampton IS the UK’s city of culture. It deserves to be recognised as such and, in my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before the whole country sees the promise, potential and possibilities in this diverse, culturally rich city.

That’s why we at Chaptr are right behind this bid. Like the city itself, we’re in it to win it! [Read more]

We love our city and we love this bid. It’s the perfect way to celebrate lockdown easing, Summer marching in, and all the great things that make Southampton the place to be.

Explore the Southampton City of Culture site here. (This is just the start, the website build is still in progress so keep an eye out!)