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Pop Up Exhibition

Last weekend we held a weekend art exhibition at the studio, titled ‘Accretion’. The show featured work from our Studio Manager Kirsty, along with two other artists Nicky Bell and Peter Driver. It was great to test the space of our studio; evidently it’s a pretty good makeshift gallery – and the P.V event was great fun too.
The works consisted of woodcut prints by Peter Driver, who uses printmaking, drawing and performative action to explore diverse subject matter including social relations, textual interpretation, lowland landscape, ornithology, and the idea of gift. He intends the work to foster dialogue about meaning, environment, community and belief – as well as engaging with formal concerns of interaction of colour, compositional strategies, chance/intentionality, image/text, and the audience as participant in creating meaning.
Photographic and video work by Nicky Bell explores the act of meditation and self reflection that her performative practice engages with. Our ritualistic nature is investigated both internally and externally through the primal movements we subconsciously form.
Video works by Kirsty Smith are focused around language, gesture and form. Video is used to abstract and reduce different gestural movements of the body: the way that we unconsciously communicate, through gesture, is of particular interest. The formal, minimal language is brought into focus through the constraints brought to it by the idea of the screen: it’s framing and locating of gestures in space and time in digital space.
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