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LE Miami

LE Miami, the latest international events show from LE Miami, is set to revolutionise the future of contemporary travel. This project saw us feature their recent rebrand and build a site for the upcoming tradeshow in Miami Florida from the ground up.

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We were challenged to create an engaging site that kept all key information front and centre while showcasing the event interactively. With numerous audiences, key contributors and a complicated sitemap – one of the key challenges of this project was to ensure the new site was user friendly whilst maintaining the interactivity throughout. So, with our UX and UI heads screwed on, we set about producing a set of wireframes with sleek and captivating content.


We wanted to bring slick and stylish movement into as much of the site as we could. Animation worked an absolute treat alongside the crisp typography throughout the site. Movement irrespective of user interaction is a great way to grab the user’s attention, encouraging them to investigate every nook and cranny within the site.

CRM Integration

The Beyond team wanted to integrate data capture forms directly into their CRM system, which would save them countless amounts of time and heartache for both inputting and analysing customer data. Forms are found inside the vertical menu, which created a naturally pleasant reading width on the screen.

Chaptr has been making bespoke WordPress sites for a long time, but this was our first project to utilise the Roots development process. This was a new way of looking at front-end development for us and is in line with what we’re seeing in the wider front end community. We’re thrilled with how it’s affected the final product, but were especially impressed with how the change impacted our outlook throughout the development process. For any fellow dev-nerds out there, you can find out more about Root’s toolkit here.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the team from This Is Beyond to create a site we’re proud of. Interested in seeing what Chaptr can bring to your next project? Follow the links below, or check out some of our other projects here.