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So Young is a fully illustrated new music magazine, inspired by fanzines from the punk era. We created a website that matched their aesthetic, and their attitude, and gave them the tools to express themselves.

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So Young needed a new digital home which showcased their rich media, and matched the vibrant flair of every print issue.

The importance of rich media including photography and imagery was clear, so we had to make sure the design didn’t get in the way of the content.

So Young also needed a flexible CMS, which allowed them to update content regularly while allowing them a certain freedom in presenting content with their own distinct style.

Colourful language

The website was designed to match the positive punk influences of the magazine, giving So Young the vibrant look which matches the colour of the latest issue. We also designed the site with a minimal look, which allows So Young to emphasise the rich media content.

Freedom of expression

The website was designed to be customisable in order to showcase their magazine, their journalism, their social media and live events activity. The CMS has the ability for administrators to choose the site’s accent colour with every new issue release.


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“We were looking to redesign our website in a way that focussed more on imagery, ease of navigation, and the use of vibrant colours to tell our story. Chaptr were able to give us a platform to showcase our content in a way that reflected the best parts of our magazine, and our personality.”

Sam Ford, Editor