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UK City of Culture 2025: Southampton makes final four!

Southampton has secured a place as one of the final four shortlisted locations to become the UK City of Culture 2025.

It’s no wonder, really. Rich with cultural heritage, Southampton is home to the SeaCity Museum, with an interactive model of the Titanic, which departed from Southampton in 1912 and Southampton City Art Gallery, which specialises in modern British art. Solent Sky Museum features vintage aircraft like the iconic Spitfire. Then we have the renowned John Hansard Gallery, Art Asia, Southampton FC – the list goes on.

Other locations competing for the title include:

  • Bradford
  • County Durham
  • Wrexham County Borough

Claire Whitaker OBE, Bid Director, UK City of Culture 2025, said:

“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many people for the achievement of winning a place on this shortlist. Three years of sustained work and thousands of people supporting us – not just in the communities of Southampton but across the wider Solent region. The bid has brought the city together, embracing the world of creators, children and young people, artists, academics, businesses and civic leaders. This is a moment of celebration for all of us.”

Joe Perkins, Founder and MD of Chaptr, said:

“This achievement illustrates the untied effort of the people of Southampton. So many, across communities, have come together as the driving force behind the bid and they are now being rewarded for their efforts as Southampton takes another step towards becoming the UK City of Culture 2025.”

A Chaptr we combine design thinking with artistic talent to support Southampton’s vibrant creative culture brands with better websites to help them inspire and connect with their audiences online.

So we’re going to do everything we can to help Southampton win the title!

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