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Winchester School of Art:
Degree Show 2022

Every year since graduating in 2014, Kirsty and I have visited the Winchester School of Art: Degree Show. 

The show features works from all undergraduate programmes across the campus including; Fashion Marketing with Management, Fashion, Fine Art, Games Design & Art, Graphic Arts and Textile Design… wow, this year exceeded our impressions of how experimental, original and inventive the upcoming local creatives are. 

Visiting the Graphic Arts studio is always evocative for me. Studying in the same space 8 years ago, you can clearly see how the development of media and graphic influence has inspired the new generation of designers to approach their work in interesting new formats. 




The branding for the Degree Show incorporates multiple mediums across the campus through a combination of carefully curated colours and pairings of distinctive typography; we both gravitated toward the design system which we felt was appropriate for the space. 

With a background in Fine (undergraduate and postgraduate) Kirsty approached the Fine Art exhibition spaces with intrigue and was especially inspired by a hanging piece created by a student depicting their struggles with Insomnia; this was visualised through an artistic interpretation of their bed through fabric and structure. We considered the interwinding thread that demonstrated strong emotion toward a human requirement. 




These were just a few of the highlights for us and we highly recommend visiting the Winchester School of Art degree show every year. Showing support for our local students is important to Chaptr and the inspiration we glean helps inspires the work we do for our clients within the arts and culture space. 

The public can view the WSA degree show from Friday 17 June to Saturday 18 June.

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