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Good Club

Inspiring the nation to make sustainable food choices

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“I’ve loved working with Chaptr for loads of reasons – but for this project, we needed someone with extremely good attention to detail to take our UX and bring it to life in code to make a class-leading product, and they absolutely nailed it.”

Danny Blackman, Co Founder

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Our friends at Good Club are on a mission to make sustainable products accessible to everyone.

So it makes sense they wanted to build an e-commerce site that had super UX at its heart.

We were brought in to develop the front-end of the site, maintaining all of the clean design around the products. This wasn’t a project for anything extravagant or crazy; this was about delivering a user experience that worked all day, every day.

Getting a sense of brand identity through UX isn’t something that jumps out on a lot of e-commerce sites. It’s easy for them to feel pretty cold or clinical, so we were excited to find a way to make Good Club shine through.

Tailwind CSS

In a first for us, we deployed Tailwind CSS, which manages predominantly low-level utility classes that allow for customisation without having to fight the framework. It’s cool. You should check it out.

Flow with focus

We also focused on movement within the product pages – allowing a free-flowing experience without asking the user to look away from key information as they explore the page.

We loved working with a company that balances such an important and noble sentiment with great design sensibilities. Special shout out to their ‘Road to Zero Waste’ blog where you can keep tabs of their quest to create the UK’s first zero-waste home delivery supermarket.