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Rebranding award winning architects Williams Lester

Launch Site

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, architects Williams Lester commissioned Chaptr to undertake a rebrand, capture their working day with a photoshoot, produce 2 promotional brochures and create a new portfolio website. We kept it clean and minimal. The new digital and print identity is classic and timeless and the senior partners couldn't be happier with the results.

Launch Site

The Brand

We stuck to a simple typemark for the logo – no elaborate
crests or shields. Just minimal, great looking Swiss type.

Elegant and timeless portfolio

The beautifully simple portfolio site puts the work of WLA front and center and lets the beautiful architectural imagery speak for itself.

Visual Content

We knew that the site would rely heavily on its visual assets
so we spent a day capturing their working day and shooting beautiful stills.

Next Project

Sofia Robinson

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